Airborne speaker at the Space Advanced Materials Event, Sept. 14-15

This year SpaceAM is taking place at Leicester Racecourse, UK on 14th-15th September 2021. We are pleased to announce Joe Summers as a speaker during this event.

Airborne joins SpaceAM, the premier conference and exhibition highlighting the use of advanced materials in space technology. At Day One, Joe Summers, Managing Director Airborne UK, will be talking about Affordable Composites for Space.

We are living in a world that is critically dependent on space technology and with that comes the need for advanced materials to deliver the best possible opportunities and outcomes for the space industry. SpaceAM will give you the chance to discover and join the growing global community that is working together to develop and launch innovation in orbit and beyond.

Challenges for Space

Joe Summers: “Composite production is a relatively young technology and industrialization has yet to make its grand appearance. So the (New)Space market will continue to require disruptive solutions in terms of price level, production capacity as well as reliability. We will stay on the path of supporting our customers with the manufacturing of high quality, affordable composite spacecraft structures. However, we see trends developing in NewSpace. The satellite and small launchers market is in transition in terms of commercialization and moving towards smaller solutions. As an industry we’ll need to produce thousands of satellite panels and small launchers per year. So basically, we’re anticipating on enabling making mass production for NewSpace. At Airborne we have increased to expand our Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0 approach for satellite panel manufacturing as well as for small sat launcher structures. These last years, we have focused on pushing the industry forward through industrialization, digitalized automation and applying different production process technologies, making spacecraft components even more affordable for clients. Through a digital platform we can now connect predictive material engineering, product engineering, process engineering, dynamic machine programming and quality assurance.”

Join Joe Summers during September 14th

  • Composite Materials for the Space Sector:
  • 10:00 – 10:20
  • Affordable Composites for Space

Reach out to Joe Summers for more information!

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More information: SpaceAM 2021

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