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The Marine environment presents unique challenges for composites. Seawater effect on material properties, hydrostatic crush pressure below the water, UV and waves above, and cavitation are just a few. Composites provide some unique advantages for Marine structures with established use in marine craft such as sailing and motorboats, tidal turbine blades, in offshore applications, marine renewable propulsion, decks, hulls and propellers.

Support for Maritime

We have world leading experience in marine composite structures and specialise in structural design, certification and manufacturing. Airborne offers a one stop shop from customer concept through structural design / prototyping / testing / tooling / manufacture and certification.

Industrialisation Partner

Before commitment to a new program, understanding the match between functional requirements, economics and volumes is critical. Airborne can offer support to evaluate different options. Once the product is designed and proven, our range of automation solutions can be implemented at your facility or a chosen tier supplier. Airborne can support design and development, prototyping and scale-up in manufacturing, or the use of automation equipment to develop high rate, economic manufacturing processes.

Design & prototyping

We suport your business with design, prototyping and manufacturing to bring your product to market. Our capabilities are:
  • Structural engineering using a combination of hand calculations, in-house developed tools, and finite element analysis with particular expertise in fatigue analysis
  • Comprehensive database of dry and saturated material properties, with infusion and prepreg matrices, glass and carbon fibre forms for greater confidence in safety margins, optimisation of design and collaboration with certification bodies.
  • Experience developing test matrices for material characterisation
  • Experience working with certification bodies in all phases of development including design and production
  • Patents pertaining to tidal turbine blade design and additional know-how in composite:metal attachment systems.
  • In-house manufacture of cost-effective tooling & fixtures
  • Manufacturing expertise with specialism in challenging structures e.g large single shot infusions, RTM, or very thick laminates.
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