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Airborne is leading the way in the engineering and manufacturing of composite panels for aircraft, satellites and launchers. Through industrialisation, digitalised automation and applying different production process technologies, we are making aerospace components more affordable for our customers and partners.


Airborne is market leader in the manufacturing of solar-array substrate panels in Europe, making panels for ESA missions, smallsats and constellations. With our expertise and qualifications, we are also growing fast in the manufacturing of sandwich panels for platform and instrument structures. Production automation is applied for satellite constellations as well as micro-launchers.


Airborne Aerospace is a growing player in the Small Satellite supply chain. Our extensive knowledge, combined with our space heritage on both manufacturing processes and materials, makes us a unique partner to work with.

Space solutions

Substrate Panels

Airborne has delivered over 300 state-of-the-art solar-array substrates to several paramount institutional as well as commercial satellites.
Airborne is developing and qualifying affordable substrate panels for mega-constellations. Our proposition offers a disruption in price and production volume.

Structure Panels

Airborne is offering composite sandwich panels for satellite structures, based on our strong capabilities and space qualified materials, processes and facility.

Small Launchers

Airborne develops affordable composite structures for small launchers. For the manufacturing we apply smart automation: flexible, scalable and transferable robotic solutions. Airborne is proud manufacturing partner in SMILE and ENVOL.


Airborne has a fully qualifed AS9100 aerospace manufaturing site, with cleanroom, autoclave and all other processes needed to build high-quality lightweight aircraft parts.

We have all the engineering expertise in house to design your part, perform the structural analysis and make sure it complies with all aerospace regulations.

We have vast experience in prepreg composites, but also thermoplastics and dry fibre composites. One of our core expertises is sandwich panel manufacturing.

We can also support you with prototyping and technology development.

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