Big Science

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Big Science

At Airborne, we have always been inspired by mind-boggling science projects that push the boundary of human understanding how the universe works. We are proud we can contribute by supplying ultra high-performance composite products that enable the best telescopes and instruments for the scientist to make great new discoveries.


With composites, the ultimate telescopes can be created. By designing the composite carefully, a thermally stable structure can be created that does not change shape when temperature changes (zero-CTO design). The extremely low weight of composites ensure that the deformations of the large telescopes are reduced to the absolute minimum.
Airborne has built several large-scale radio telescopes, that are now in operation on the South Pole and the high altitude Atacama desert in Chili, the two driest places on earth and perfect for astronomy.


Scientists want observation instruments that are ultra-stable and very precise. Composites can provide that and at Airborne we have specialised in the manufacturing of extremely stiff and accurate structures for scientific instruments. Special composite fibres and materials are used that are very delicate and need to be handled carefully. We have the right tools and equipment in house to ensure the composite structures are within the tight tolerance specifications.
Composites are lightweight, stiff, can be designed with near-zero CTE and very high stiffness and thermal stability.
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