Digital Efficiency

No programming needed
Optimised operational efficiency

Digitalisation of composite manufacturing is crucial to drive down cost, improve quality control and robustness and to get much more insights into the black magic that composites – in many cases – still is today. Our software solutions are 100% focused on composites, developed from the ground up. They are fully integrated with our automation hardware system and part of one larger digital platform that enables effortless and seamless on-demand manufacturing.

This brings you a fully automated workflow, directly from design and operational input. No programming needed! It also you provides you full insight in the operational data and full traceability for quality.

Automated Workflow

We have created a fully automated workflow, with our Automated Programming technology. It translates the design and operational input into the machine code and process settings, fully automated, on-the-fly and on the shopfloor.
This gives you the maximum flexibility to change your designs, nesting files or material formats instantly. It also makes it possible to run many different designs and ply shapes, without the need of excessive machine programming. The system can detect material flaws or defects and adapt automatically, without engineering intervention.
This Automated Programming technology enables the Dynamic Factory, where the overall factory planning is constantly optimised to meet delivery targets and the machines follow onthe-fly. Easy, flexible and reliable.
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Material traceability is extremely important in composites. Prepreg materials have a limited outlife and need to go through several steps before they are cured. Our software keeps track of where the materials are in our systems and can interface directly with third-party material tracking software. We can also extend our material tracking software to other systems in the factory to have one source of truth.

Data insights

Data Insights can be provided through dashboards that are easy to customise to your needs. Our powerful algorithms translate the raw data into valuable information to optimise your composite manufacturing process. The data can be retrieved by the user or exported to ERP/MES.

Planning Optimization

To support your planning optimisation, we can offer several planning simulator tools for our systems. With these, different scenarios can be evaluated on output, capacity and waste. It is based on the same algorithms that run our machines so you get an adequate prediction.


Digital integration

Our software can interface directly with the digital layer at factory level (MES or ERP) through dedicated connectors. Our solutions are browser-based which makes access easy. By integrating our on-demand manufacturing systems with the digital factory system, we enable the Dynamic Factory that can adapt to changing needs on-the-fly, without the need of re-programming.


On-demand manufacturing

The vision of Airborne is to create a fully on-demand manufacturing platform for composites, to make the whole supply chain much more flexible and efficient, and to enable local manufacturing. Step by step we are building this dream.
This gives you the power of running a fully industrial, aerospace qualified manufacturing system at your fingertips, instantly, and without quality compromises.
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