Our expertise is in the early part of the composite manufacturing process, where the delicate composite materials are converted into laminates and sandwiches, ready to be cured or consolidated into solid, stiff parts. In this phase the materials are still fragile and one needs in-depth composite material & process know-how to ensure the automation leads to a robust, reliable and efficient process.

Cutting Room Operations

The cutting room is the main logistic hub in any composite factory, where rolls of composite materials are cut into the right ply shapes and combined into kits, ready to be laminated. Crucial for the whole factory, but mistakes are easilyeasy made. Check out our digital and automated solutions to ensure the whole operation runs smooth and efficient.

Laminates and Preforms

Converting composite material into tailored blank laminates or preforms is a crucial but vulnerable step of making composite parts. Discover our Automated Ply Placement and Tape Laying technologies to make multi-material, freeform and variablethickness-shape laminates in prepreg, dry fibre or thermoplastic composites.
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Resin Dispensing

Resins are often used in composites, for example to reinforce fragile honeycomb cores, to seal edges of trimmed parts or to apply adhesive material. Accurate dispensing without damaging the material is crucial. Explore our automated solutions and learn how our systems programme themselves.


Automation is nice, digital makes it easy, flexible and traceable. Our Automated Programming technology eliminates the need of programming and our Data Insights suite unlocks the data gives you full insight and traceability. We can hook up our software to your ERP or MES systems and digitalise your operations around our machines. Discover the possibilities that make your life easy.

System Integration

Composites often required multiple manufacturing steps. We can integrate these into one automated production line, combining our machines with third-party systems to ensure you have a full solution.

Bespoke Systems

There are many ways to automate composite manufacturing. We can design a specific automated system for you that is exactly what you need, using our expert know-how about composite automation.
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