We help you to disrupt in composites

At Airborne, we are always looking to push the boundaries in composites, to change the status-quo and to develop technologies and products that create new opportunities that help you to be better than the competition. And ultimately, we want to enable composites to make the world more sustainable.
We offer you digital automation systems, that are extremely flexible and don’t require any programming. We have created Automated Ply Placement, a new way to make multi-material tailored blank laminates that no other automation system can do. And we can support you both with automation and manufacturing of composites parts.
We live and breathe composites. Already for more than 25 years.


Our automated solutions are efficient, easy to use and fully digital. We put all our composite manufacturing know-how into the design of the systems and into the software, to deliver you an automated process that is reliable and fast, with the right quality.
We can help you with automation for:


Are you in need of composite products but don’t have the capabilities, expertise or machines to take care of the manufacturing process in-house? Or maybe you are not ready yet to invest but still want to use the automated processes from day one?
Airborne has everything it takes to manufacture high- end composite products for you. With qualified processes, a full engineering team to support and the right machines and infrastructure.
We can manufacture parts for you in these markets:

Industrialisation Journey

Developing the right combination of design, manufacturing strategy and material selection is not easy in composites. Everything is related to each other and early choices can have a dramatic effect on cost and scalability in later phases. Making prototypes and low- volume products is a completely different ball-game than high-volume, robust manufacturing at full rate. We can help you through this journey and ensure that all the right choices are made in the early stages.
We support your journey through:


We care about our planet and are sincerely concerned about climate change. Composites are a great technology to make many products more sustainable, by providing lightweighting, durability and higher performance. Our technologies accelerate the adoption of composites, reduce material waste and increase safety and health for the workers on the factory floor. We invest in technologies that can use recycled materials and reduce the carbon footprint.

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