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Airborne has a strong legacy in the design and manufacturing of composite parts for the aerospace industry. We are a leading supplier for ultra lightweight structures for space, a AS9100 certified production company and have all the required processes in house to manufacture your parts.
Through applying digital and automated manufacturing processes we are making composite structures more affordable for our customers.


Airborne is active in the wide Mobility spectrum, from automotive to micro-mobility and advanced air mobility. Many new concepts are being developed, many with the objective to create more sustainability mobility. Lightweighting is crucial and Airborne can support through the whole journey, from early design and prototyping to supplying certified composite parts.
We understand all three major composite technologies: prepreg, dry fibre or thermoplastic composites.


Airborne is has been supplying robust, highly loaded by lightweight structures for the Maritime and offshore industry for many years. Being able to manufacture thick-walled composite structures is a special capability of Airborne and we understand what it takes to design and manufacture parts for the harsh maritime environment, whether above or below surface.
We can support you with our design and manufacturing expertise, with manufacturing the parts or with the automated systems to take manufacturing in-house.

Big Science

We are fascinated by Big Science projects and love to supply our customers with extremely designed structures, enabling scientists to discover the mysteries of the universe. With composites we can make ultra-stable structures that have zero thermal expansion, are super stiff with the lowest weight possible. We know how to manufacture against the tightest geometrical tolerances and take care of the cleanliness requirements.
We have a strong heritage of making large telescopes and structures for big science instruments.

Manufacturing services

Investing in automation can be a big step or maybe the timing is not right yet. We can bridge this gap by providing the service of manufacturing and running the automated systems for you. When you are ready, we transfer the systems to your factory and you take manufacturing in your own hands. See how our qualified manufacturing capability can support you.


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