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The automotive industry is going through a rapid transition, with electrification and the demand for more sustainable solutions. Lighweighting is key and Airborne can support throughout the whole development.
We can provide engineering services, advice you in the industrialisation strategy, manufacture prototypes and lowvolume parts or provide you the fully automated system so you can take manufacturing in-house.
We have experience in prepreg, thermoplastic and dry fibre composite and understand the fully process chain in composites, from raw materials to fully finished and inspected part.

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles, such as buses, trucks and last-mile delivery vehicles have a strong need for lightweighting at affordable cost. The production rates are considerable but not as high as automotive. This drives the need for low-capex manufacturing systems that still provide the right quality and production rate.

At Airborne we can support you with our micro-factory for composite parts, which has a fast and flexible automated lay-up based on Automated Ply Placement, a press for 3D shaping and the right trimming technologies to finish the part. We can provide you with design engineering, prototyping services and low-rate manufacturing. And if you are ready to scale up, we can supply you with the automated manufacturing system.


The micro-mobility market is booming, with many new concepts for bikes, scooters or mopeds, last miles delivery solutions, and exiting developments to make inner city mobility more sustainable. Lighweight, high-rate manufacturing and robustness are vital.

We can support you with the development, either in prepreg, thermoplastics or dry fibre composites. We can help you in the early conceptual design phase by making prototypes and providing you advice on materials selection and industrialization. We have a flexible micro-factory that enables us to test high-rate manufacturing concepts in an early stage.

Advanced Air Mobility

We see air and road mobility more as a continuous spectrum, where the traditional aerospace industry can benefit a lot from automotive experience with high-rate manufacturing. But still, for everything that flies, aerospace qualification is vital. We live in both worlds so can help you with the right technologies to solve your challenge.
We can support in thermoplastics, dry fiber or prepreg materials. We can provide you with design engineering, support in making the right decision for material selection and manufacture prototypes. Since you are probably looking for high rate manufacturing ultimately, we can help you in the early stages with development the right industrialization strategy, based on flexible and fully automated manufacturing technologies. And when you are ready, we are there to provide you, or your supply chain partner, with the right automated systems so you can take manufacturing into your own hands.
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