Resin Dispensing

No hazardous operation

In many composite production steps, liquid resins need to be applied. For example to locally reinforce a fragile honeycomb core, to seal the edges of trimmed parts or to apply local adhesive material. These resins can be hazardous to the human operator and accurate application is a delicate process. In many highly sophisticated composite factories the resin application is still a manual ‘bucket and brush’ method, resulting in waste, inefficiencies and quality control challenges.

Our product line of automated resin dispensing systems takes care of this, fully automated and with high accuracy. The resins are processed with high care, and can be 1- or 2-component system and filled with vulnerable glass spheres. To provide you maximum flexibility, the systems are powered by our Automated Programming software that creates all robot path planning and the right process settings on-the-fly, directly from design input, either in 2D or 3D.

Automated Edge Sealing

After composite parts are trimmed to the right shape, the edges are open and vulnerable to moisture ingress. To protect the composite, the edges are sealed with a liquid resin. This needs to be done accurately and is a very repetitive task to carry out for the human worker. Our Automated Edge Sealing system applies the resin precisely and can follow the thickness variations of the composite part. All 3D robot path planning is generated automatically to be able to handle many different part geometries.
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Automated Honeycomb Potting

Sandwich designs are very efficient to create lightweight, stiff structures. In many cases, honeycomb core is used to separate the skins. This honeycomb is made as light as possible, but needs to be reinforced locally with a resin at points where forces are introduced. Our Automated Honeycomb Potting system applies this resin fast and accurately and avoids any exposure of the toxic materials to the human worker. The system can process 1- or 2- component material systems and is developed to make sure the glass spheres in the resin are not crushed. We have several variants, both for flat sandwich panels and for 3D structures.
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Three solutions Automated Honeycomb Potting

Airborne’s Automated Honeycomb Potting solutions automatically apply potting resins for local reinforcements in honeycomb cores. Our Automated Honeycomb Potting solutions are designed to efficiently and accurately fill honeycomb blanks with potting compounds via an automated platform.

The workflow is automated from design to manufacturing. Any shape of potting geometry can be realised and the machine code is automatically generated by our smart software. We offer solutions for continuous production for high rate manufacturing as well as more flexible and affordable technologies for different requirements

Airborne's Automated Honeycomb Potting solutions are designed around a core module with the following capabilities and performance parameters:

Flat panel system

Flexible robot system

High output system

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