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Our history

The first uses of modern composite materials was only about 40 years ago. This makes advanced composites a fairly new material, compared to steel or aluminium. Being a firm believer of the enormous potential of composites, we saw the opportunity to make the manufacturing of composites even more attractive.

Ever since its founding in 1995, Airborne has showed it is able to create solutions and think beyond given restrictions of qualification rules and regulations. For instance, by developing industrialised manufacturing lines for thermoplastic composite pipes, used at 3000 meter depth.
Nowadays Airborne is the world’s first and leading company in this field, while expanding this highly-specialised knowledge to other markets and industries.
Today, we help our clients by offering automation manufacturing systems for small to mid-size composite components. Through automated technologies such as prepreg, infusion and automated manufacturing of thermoplastic components we can help you realise higher production rates against radically lower conversion costs. So you and your customers can start enjoying the great benefits of composite material.

What we believe

Producing composite parts for high-qualified products such as solar arrays, fuselages and rotor blades is, due to the delicacy of the material, mainly still done by hand. As a result, composites are an expensive product.
That is why we translate the fundamental assets of Industry 4.0 to our high-qualified composite manufacturing processes.
We firmly believe composites can be affordable for high-end markets such as Aeronautics, Space, and Marine, and Airborne has the capabilities to industrialise a broad range of composites manufacturing processes through the means of automation and digitalisation.


Envision a future where the use of composites (especially Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) is the standard, instead of the smart alternative. By using composite material you can create products and components that are lighter, stronger and more durable than steel. Thus helping to create a world much more sustainable and safe.

Do you share our believes and challenges? Do you like to be part of a unique growth story? Join our team today!

Facilities specifications

The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Manufacturing for prepreg, dry fibre and thermoplastics
  • Cleanroom
  • 13 m autoclave, ovens, machining centres
  • Automated Ply Placement, Automated Tape Laying, Automated Kitting, Automated Edge Sealing
  • Painting and bonding
Lambourn, United Kingdom
  • Manufacturing for prepreg, dry fibre and thermoplastics
  • Cleanroom
  • Automated Ply Placement and 3D forming
  • Painting and coating
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