Airborne joins the ICS 2021, London

This year the International Composites Summit 2021 focuses on Reinventing the Global Supply Chain to Enable a Sustainable Future. Airborne’s commercial team will be present at the booth A5 in London.

Airborne joins the International Composites Summit, which will focus on strengthening the worldwide supply chain for composites. It’s the UK’s only exhibition focused solely on the composites market.

The show will address the worldwide opportunities needed to help deliver the climate change targets set out in the green agenda for every Nation. As Airborne is passionate about increasing the use of composites, reducing transformation costs and enabling rate manufacture, our presentation at the ICS will be about the support for understanding the many interdependencies inherent in designing and manufacturing a composites product. At Airborne we understand every phase of industrialisation and can advise on all of the key aspects that define product cost and performance. 

At ICS we will show, amongst others, our Industralisation Partner model based on implementing the automated manufacturing systems on your shop floor, or supplying you the products made by us with the industrialised manufacturing process. The Airborne’s commercial team will share their latest insights on lowering cost and improving design and flexibility by implementing automated composites manufacturing.

Meet Airborne at our Booth A5 at the ICS in London from September 8 to 9 2021. Reach out to Joe Summers to schedule a meeting or more information!

Airborne UK manager Joe Summers
Airborne Commercial Director Joe Summers

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