Airborne continues to support Forze Hydrogen Racing team on developing their newest hydrogen car: Forze IX

Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing is a team of students from the Delft University of Technology who design, build and race fuel cell racing cars to promote hydrogen technology. Their Forze racing cars are the first hydrogen electric powered cars in the world to compete with ordinary petrol or diesel fuel cars. Airborne has helped delivered the composite bodywork of the Forze VIII car and is proud to announce it is continuing its sponsorship for the build of Forze IX.

The efficiency of the fuel conversion of the Forze VIII is about two to three times higher than a conventional combustion engine. For their next car, Forze IX, the team want it to be at least twice as powerful as the current car. At Airborne we believe ideas and ambitions like these will help the world become a more sustainable place. Therefor we will continue to provide Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing with technical support and space at the Airborne Digital Factory for Composites facility in Ypenburg. This means that the Forze team will have access to auxiliary materials, an autoclave machine, a flat-table, ovens, vacuum pumps, a CNC-milling machine and more to produce all composite components and bodywork panels for the Forze IX race car.

Forze IX team

Since 2006 the Forze Hydrogen Racing team has been developing competitive racing cars powered by hydrogen. The initiative gives students the opportunity to gain professional experience under real conditions. In addition to developing zero-emission racing vehicles, students learn about engineering and marketing, as well as gaining basic business skills.

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Photo: Former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg visiting the Forze Hydrogen Electric Racing team

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