Manufacturing Services & Capabilities

Same automated process, from low to high rate
High quality prototyping
Fast and flexible

In an ideal scenario, we supply you with the automated systems so that you can run production yourself. But it can be that the timing is not right, the production volume is not enough yet to support the investment or that you don’t have the right team yet. In that case, we can offer you the service of manufacturing on our automated systems. The big advantage is that you have the automated, industrialised and scalable manufacturing process from day one and there is no switch in technologies half-way.


Composite manufacturing can require many steps,to convert the material into the finished part, trimmed to the right shape and fully inspected. We understand all the process steps and can combine our systems with third-party systems to offer one integrated, robust process. Either as one, fully automated manufacturing line or as separate systems that are digitally connected.

We have an aerospace qualified facility (AS9100), with cleanroom, autoclave, CNC milling and quality inspection systems.

We can use all our automated systems, for kitting, laminate lay-up, tapelaying, resin dispensing and on-line quality inspection.

To cure or consolidate your part, we have a wide range of possibilities: ovens, autoclave, presses, infusion systems or co-consolidation.

What makes us unique is that we have a long experience with all three major composite materials: prepreg, dry fibre and thermoplastic composites.

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